Flow Particles


Experiment with the Intel Realsense Depth camera and optical flow.

Agency: Barbarian Group

GPU particle system that uses a simple physics model and OpenCV's optical flow (Farneback) to add acceleration to the particles. The birth positions come from sampling a depth camera, and although the color buffer is used for calculating optical flow, I still lookup the next position (derived from the flow field) in 3D, which is why some particles are flying at the camera eye. The flow field is smoothed using a convolution filter, sort of a fake 2d fluid sim (we were targeting low end devices and needed to slim down the processing needs, so while something like Navier–Stokes would have probably looked better our approach was dirt cheap).

Prototyped while doing research for a project I worked on in 2015 at The Barbarian Group, although we ended up not using this approach in the final concept. Built with libcinder.

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