Glimpse Twitter Visualization

Event: Business Insider's Ignition 2013

Agency: Barbarian Group

Role: Programmer

Glimpse was an interactive visualization of twitter relationships based on a hashtag, designed to initiate ideation for future client directions for a given topic. The tweets could be sorted in real-time by date, popularity, or sentiment. We also added a representation of sentiment based on color, as well as mapping the size to the popularity of each tweet.

On a technical note, this was a an early experiment with Cinder's upcoming, redesigned OpenGL wrapper. There were elements that used simple model importing (.obj files in this case, for the cards), as well as procedural geometry (the expanding cylinders) that exist within the same lighting situation. For this, I used a combination of two key lights and an environment map.

Built in C++ with libcinder.



Selected Projects

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Flow ParticlesGPU Particles with the Intel Realsense Depth camera and optical flow.

Cinder Audioreal-time, modular, node-based audio library